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If you’re struggling and need to talk: there’s always help available. In Australia phone Lifeline 24/7, or chat with them online. In the UK, you can call or contact the Samaritans. You can also reach out to the Samaritans in the USA

If you’re in a situation of crisis due to family or domestic violence and need help, please contact DV Connect (Aus); DV Helpline (UK); The Hotline (USA)

In this episode

When she became homeless, Leesa’s dogs were her only true companions. One saved her life.

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Featuring/ Leesa

Producer/ Michelle Ransom-Hughes

Editing/ Michelle and Seja

Composer/ Sound design Seja Vogel

Mix/ Seja Vogel

Script consultant/ Lea Redfern

Studio dog/ Whiskey

Theme/ Come to Me written and performed by Seja (w. Ben Corbett)

End song/ I Got You written and performed by Seja, with Conrad Greenleaf (Bass)

Illustration/ Lily Mae Martin


Dylan Ransom-Hughes, Simon Graydon, Cathy at Guardians of Animals in Crisis, Jaye Kranz, Romina Gerhards, Mirko Vogel, Mish Armstrong, Biz Lopez Lightfoot, Rebecca Armstrong, Nicola Harrison, Marco, and Bubba. Thanks to tech angel, PM.

Thanks also to the team at Whooshkaa.

I’ve been to hell and back
and not one person
has been there for me.
Except for my dog.

And in the darkest of times,
that’s when she sits there and
she starts to talks to me.
She never leaves my side.
— Leesa

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You can support organisations who help animals and people who are homeless or vulnerable:

Guardians of Animals in Crisis (Brisbane)

Pets in the Park (Australia)