michelle ransom-hughes / producer


Michelle wasn't allowed a puppy as a child but she did once have a black sheep. Jump forward to the 21st Century when Michelle can give her own family a dog: they choose a melancholy beagle named Johnny, and he changes their lives.

A producer with ConversationsABC Radio's flagship podcast, for a decade, Michelle makes her own stuff (audio, writing, photography) on days off.   

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seja vogel / composer

seja whiskey.jpeg

Seja has been obsessed with dogs since childhood, when she fell in love with the family's retriever, Curly. She recently bought a house so she could rescue Whiskey. Worth it.

As a musician (multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and vocalist) Seja has released two solo albums. She was a founding member of the band Sekiden, and tours with Regurgitator.

Since 2017 Seja has been producing her own independent music interview podcast, HearSej. 


lea redfern / script consultant

Lea Redfern in an independent audio producer who finds joy in sharing the knowledge - currently at the University of Sydney. Her work is internationally broadcast and she won the inaugural Sarah Award for audio fiction. She was formerly with ABC RN where she honed her sound skills on Radio Eye, The Night Air, 360 Documentaries and Pocketdocs.

Lea specialises in optimism and controversial pet names and adopted a small noisy white dog from a rescue organisation about a year ago. Ché Ché (formerly Sherree) is teaching her to embrace slapstick humour and grace in the face of failure.

All knowledge, the totality of all questions and all answers, is contained in the dog.
— Franz Kafka